Where it all started 

Yolande grew up with a passion for nature and she has always been surrounded by more pets than most people. Her experience taking care of animals has taught her to pay close attention to their non-verbal communication. Yolande’s interest in art began with drawing animals and nature for fun. In grade school, art classes were always her favorite and were where she first realized that she had talent. Yolande was accepted first into an applied art program in graphical design and after that into the Fine Arts Program at the HKU University of the arts Utrecht in The Netherlands.


Capturing Emotion and Thought in Art

After graduation in 1989 from the HKU, Yolande began her career as a graphic designer and art director for a commercial graphics art company. Capturing emotion and non verbal communication in art has always intrigued her, which led to her studying psychology. However, after 20 years of working in the commercial arena, Yolande’s urge to create her own visions, instead of those of her customers, became stronger and stronger.


Back to Nature

In 2011, Yolande quit her commercial job and moved to rural France. There she rediscovered her connection with nature and the passion for art and it's there that her career as a fine artist began again. In 2017, Yolande moved back to the Netherlands and settled in Exloo, a village in the Dutch Province of Drenthe.


Back to the Beginning

While Mother Nature plays a big role in her work, Yolande strives to create more than just beautiful pictures. She wants her art to capture some of the sacred mysteries of life, catching that specific energy or emotion or movement. Her art strives to say more than can be expressed in words.


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